Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harper started pre-school yesterday

But it was a slow integration pre-school where they don't let you leave until the child shows no signs of discomfort so I will still be going there with or without her in 2012. Hey-oh! But honestly, I do want to tell the teachers at some point, "Look, she is always going to get extremely upset at some point and it doesn't matter if I'm here or not." Case in point yesterday when she overdid her outside limit, which means she was outside for longer than 20 minutes and she melted down. They told me to come sit with her, a request my daughter quickly dismissed STRONGLY, as she preferred to cry by herself rather than be comforted. These are other tidbits from yesterday.

Me: Harper, I will stay there today, but I may leave on Thursday.

Harper: No, you can leave today.

Me: They won't let me leave today. I have to stay.

Harper: Oh! No, you can leave.

Me: Harper, I'm telling you, I have to stay today.

Harper: Oh! No, I mean, you can leave.

Me: I think when we actually get there you may feel differently.

We turn the corner and see the place.

Harper: I was just joking. You can stay.

(She didn't end up caring if I was there or not.) On the way home we discussed her time there.

Me: What are your teachers names? Do you remember?

Her: No! YOU know! You're the one who knows!

This child came out fully formed. And she is an adolescent general.

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  1. awesome...i really need to meet this chickadee soon.