Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I just googled to find out if anyone had tips on how to keep cats off of a Christmas tree and it came up with a variety of "lock them in a room" answers, or buy a device that "mildly" sends an electric shock through them, so I guess the answer is, "no". Although I came across one site where everyone was resigned to the fact that they just couldn't have a tree and even though it sucked it was worth it for them and their (insert number of cats). I thought it was surprisingly sweet and tolerant until I got to "me and my 13 cats" and I was like, wait, what website am I ON? And I looked at the top and saw: HSN (Home Shopping Network). Sigh.


  1. I saw an episode of 20/20 last week about "Cat Ladies." Apparently there's a documentary coming out about such persons, a documentary which I'm sure would be of no interest to you since you are merely a Cat Enthusiast who happens to be a Lady. Don't even know why I'm mentioning it!

  2. My family cat, Dusty, never once climbed a christmas tree. Never had to worry about it. It never came up.
    My other family cat, Callie, constantly climbed our christmas trees. They would then tip over and she would run away and hide. We couldn't get her to stop no matter what we did.

    I am no help!