Wednesday, July 15, 2009

baby love

Sometimes I feel like if I rave about Clyde it would seem like I don't love Harper as much as I love him, but of course that is not true. So I would just like to state here that I love the living crap out of that baby. He is so freaking cute I want to bite his freaking cheeks off, but that would be disgusting. I mean honestly, in terms of babies he is doing everything right. He almost never cries, he just sits there and dotes on everyone while they dote on him, he's just 1000% perfect. He has really taken this motherhood thing to a whole new level for me. Thank you, Clyde. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Harper and I we were listening to Morning Becomes Eclectic on the way to a friend's house today.

Harper: Is that the same sound?
Me: You mean a new song?
Harper: Yeah. Are those the same sounds?
Me: No honey, it's a different song.
Harper: But it SOUNDS similar.(Subtext, obvs: All your indie crap sounds the same, mom. Don't kid yourself. )
Me: Yes honey, I guess it does.

But I just love that she isn't even three and uses the word similar. I love that kid like crazy too, don't kid yourself people!

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