Friday, July 17, 2009

Monsters of Folk indeed!

I have always been extremely annoyed by Conor Oberst's vocals until like, last week, when suddenly I was on a run and decided no, I don't hate you Conor Oberst, I maybe love you? I don't know what happened or why, but I got past judging him for sounding so put-on angsty and decided to believe he was actual angsty and therefore he was my new music BFF. So what good timing (which he totally planned) for him to announce that he is in a supergroup with M. Ward and Yim Yames (Jim James from My Morning Jacket; I don't know why he's calling himself Yim Yames but I love it). Apparently I have a lot of judgement because I find if I listen to too much of MMJ I fear I may accidentally drift off into a coma. But their voices together are...perfect? This is the most negative positive review you'll read, folks! Regardless, I'm thrilled and I read about it on i guess i'm floating, so you should go over there and listen to the fantabulous new single they are releasing until their album debuts on September 22nd. I am excited! Exclamation points are proof: !!!!!!!

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