Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's so complicated!

My love/hate relationship with John Mayer, that is. He could sing the phone book and I would love it, but his personality is just so...douchey. I think we as a society can determine the douchiness of a person, no questions asked, by whoever Jennifer Aniston dated after Brad Pitt. If we have any questions about if a person is douchey or not, AND she dated them after her divorce, then the question, my friends, has been answered! Too bad she didn't date George W. Bush or we could have been saved a lot of heartache. Or the first Bush for that matter. Too bad she isn't 80 and dated a lot of people that we as a society could therefore agree were terrible, that before that we as a society had not unilaterally agreed were terrible! I feel I may have gotten off track. I love John Mayer's music! I know it's non threatening adult contemporary music and I ruin all of my very, very, VERY large amounts of hipster street cred by loving it, but boy do I! And here is a video saying it all for me, showing his beautiful voice and melodies and terrible, just awful personality:

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  1. I agree, very douchey. I was dumb struck (and sad) when I found out he was dating Jessica Simpson. Everything I thought he was just crumbled. I too like his music.