Friday, October 16, 2009

We still haven't sold the TV.

I'm getting desperate. I've lowered the price by $40 even though someone offered me that the first time around and Brett said it was an insult. I tried to explain to him that's how craigslist works but he insisted that guy was a joke asking for a joke. Now here we are weeks later and he's telling me to offer that price from the get go! Well I have and still no bites!! So this is what I've resorted to. We'll see what happens:

This is a perfect TV! Let's do this thing! With remote, gorgeous inside and out. You have to ask yourself, what are you waiting for? Watch Mad Men in style. Or whatever you want to watch, it will be projected from this beauty. Email me, let's make your dreams start now.


  1. This television is a lovely 27"! Flat screen! (Not LCD) 60 small ones! Let's do this thing! It'll rock your shit off! What? Sorry, Nate. Always selling, always selling.