Monday, October 19, 2009

This is probably a joke.

But whether it is or not, this is the kind of thing you get when you take Brett's advice on how to post on craigslist. You don't get serious offers. You get MADNESS. And as far as televisions go, I prefer SERIOUS OFFERS. Not this:

hello I am interested in youre telvision please but first a little about me!
I am 59 years old single woman. I have no car so you would have to bring tv to me but I am fun to meet and get to know so this will be no problem I am sure. I have 1 bike and also cart for groceries no car! But I can pays extra for deliveirty. I can also give sandiwch or fruit salad if you are vegetable for time or energy.
I want to watch housewife show and also oprah with tv! Does tv get these chanels? I heard about goverment program to replace tvs with new digital tvs ... is your tv part of that and where can i go to get tv exchanged once you delibvr to me?
Also you asked about dreams in ad ... my dream is to meet Nelson Mandale and take picture. or did you mean night time dreams if so my nighttime dreams are about falling down off tall building or sometimes about rats crawling under my house mostly.
would you take 20 for tv with 10 extra for delivery to irvine plus sandwihc?
thank you please!

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